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Our History & Mission

Our History & Mission

We are a network of Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in the Golden Crescent area of Texas. We were founded in 1994 through a vision and passion to unite all nurse practitioners in this area in order to support each other in our field to generate change in our profession. Our mission is to promote our profession in such a manner and environment that allows us to provide the very best health care possible to the deserving citizens of this area. In addion, members are provided with avenues of increased knowledge, networking, and colleague camaraderie. We promote this mission through a five-step method:

  • First: We recognize the good and the power that comes from the generous sharing of ideas and information between nurse practitioners. Through meetings every other month (6 times per year), VANP provides this opportunity.

  • Second: We are aware of the role of current and excellent continuing education in being able to provide the very best care to our patients. VANP provides the finest and most up to date continuing education available, utilizing and encouraging speakers as an aid to our profession's growth. 

  • Third: We realize that there needs to be a central point of reference where practicing and potential nurse practitioners, patients, employees, legislators, and consumers can come to regarding questions about local nurse practitioners and their practice. VANPs website offers great information about the group, our profession, scope of practice, and lists events for local networking and events. Board member information is freely posted so that any questions may be addressed. 

  • Fourth: We understand that in order to offer the best care to our patients we must seek and reward excellence not only through the education of nurse practitioners. Scholarships are available yearly through VANP that clearly recognize and promote excellence in our profession.

  • Fifth: We believe strongly that in order for nurse practitioners to serve their patients, policy must be enacted that reduces the unnecessary barriers tat prevent us from fully serving our patient's needs. VANP is very proud to offer and provide its members state updates and opportunities to address our legislative needs in reducing the barriers that prevent us from offering our paitents the very best care they deserve.